Static FEM Simulations

Static FEM Simulations


Stresses and displacements

With Simulaton static Finite Element Analysis is foolproof. Get an insight of stresses, displacements and overall deformations via a linear or non-linear simulation. View the results direct in your browser or download them analyze it with your favourite tool such as Excel or Paraview.

Example: Wheel rim static simulation

On the right you can see the simulation results of a static load on a wheel rim calculated in Simulaton. The file was imported as a step file and the loadings conditions have been applied in the browser based 3D editor of Simulaton.
In the post processing view of the wheel rim with different loads you can see the displacement as different colors. The red areas do displace the most.

The static simulation of the wheel rim does also calculate the mises stress distribution of the rim. In the post processing view you can easily see if a allowed stress is exceeded.
wheel rim calculation resultsWheel rim displacement
wheel rim mises stressWheel rim stress

Example: Displacement of a machine part

On the right the displacement of a machine part of a tool machine is displayed. Again a step file was imported into Simulaton, meshed and then the boundary have been conditions applied.
The result is the view in the post processing module of simulaton.
Machine part displacement FEM Machine part displacement

Example: Mises stress of a 3d printer part

frame of a 3d printer 3d printer part displacement


On the left one can see the mises stress of a part of a 3d printer. A part of the 3d printer assembly was isolated first in the CAD application (in this case Solidworks) and then imported in Simulaton.
As you can see the part has huge stress differences which leaves room for optimization.