Simulaton as a Platform


Simulaton as a Platform

Extendable to your needs

It is possible to use Simulaton as a Platform. Because of its modular structure additional Simulation kernels can easily be implemented. Also the graphical user interface and 3D-Editor can be easily adapted to your needs.
software apis

Use the powerful software architecture

Unlimited Power of the Cloud

Use the power of the cloud without any additional orchestration development. Simulaton has found the best use cases and can easily integrate your calculation libraries.

More Information

Please download the PDF file for further information. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Individual Software

Additional feature needed? Just ask us to implement it.

Calculation Kernels

Simulaton’s software architecture is modular and flexible. We are able to implement your calculation kernels.

Parameter Studies – Optimize your parts

With the power of the Simulaton Cloud we can do paramter studies for your products.

White label solution

Simulaton can be used as a white label solution so that you can use the platform for an online version of your desktop based software. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to benefit from the learnings we already did.
Cooperations are possible in many ways. Please take a look at the pdf document for further information.
online cae application

Simulaton has high expertise in CAD, CAE and FEM/FEA. If you need individual services or changes to our products don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also use Simulaton’s software architecture as a service.
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