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Power of the Cloud

Use the power of the cloud and use the computing power when you need it.
No additional hardware is needed.

Easy to learn

With online examples and a step by step guide you can become an Simulation expert sooner
than you think.

No Installation or Updates

No expensive hardware is needed, but also no addtional software has to be installed. You get always the latest and greatest!


A great community helps you with problems and you can discuss about your designs
and other engineering topics.

Training and Tutorials

For beginners there are special training videos and step by step guides which
doesn’t give you any headaches.

Customer service

Simulaton provides on top of the online services addtional services such as individual
Software addons for your needs.


Servers available

up to 16

CPUs per machine


File uploads



Cloud and browser based FEM Simulations

Simulaton.com is a cloud based tool for Finite Element Simulations (FEM/FEA). With it you can calculate mechanical and thermal behavior of machine parts.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is becoming more and more important because software and hardware become exponentially better.
Simulaton’s user Interface is browser based so that no additional software is needed. You can just start in your browser.
Another benefit is that it is easy to use.

Benefits of browser based software

  • static, thermal and dynamic simulations
  • easy to learn
  • cheaper, monthly terminable
  • scalable, CPU power as needed
  • no update installations, always the latest and greatest